Trans woman

A Trans Woman Has Been Killed In Baltimore

By | March 26th, 2017|Headlines, Transgender|

‘I ASKED GOD WHY THEY DID THIS’ Mom Of Trans Woman Beaten And Shot Dead By Mob Reveals Her Horror After Sickening Attack

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Trans Woman Killed in Mississippi

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Sao Paulo Hero Beaten to Death For Defending Trans Woman

By | December 29th, 2016|Americas News, Headlines, Transgender|

This Mom Surprise Her Trans Daughter With The News Her Name Change Is Legal

By | November 1st, 2016|Trans, Videos|

This stunning collections of photos captures 1950s transgender women in Paris

By | September 27th, 2016|Art & Entertainment, Arts|

A Bar Tried To Force This Trans Woman To Use The Men’s Bathroom

By | July 29th, 2016|Hate crimes & Discrimination, Headlines, Transgender|

First ever trans Israeli pageant winner

By | May 30th, 2016|Asia News, Headlines, Transgender|

Laverne Cox breaking new ground

By | May 18th, 2016|Celebs|

Philippines elect first transgender person to congress

By | May 12th, 2016|Headlines, Transgender|