Four Men Wanted In Connection With Horrifying Homophobic Train Attack

By | March 6th, 2017|Hate crimes & Discrimination, Headlines|

Woman Displays 10,000 Rainbow Lights To Defy Homophobic Neighbor

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Christian-like Gay Woman Pays Homophobic Diners’ Bill

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Straight guy worries he’s being homophobic to gay roommate, realizes he’s fallen in love with him

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Twitter Suspends Azealia Banks

By | May 16th, 2016|Art & Entertainment, Music|

Older brother adopts younger gay brother to protect him from homophobic mom

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Drag Race queen destroys Azealia Banks after she called flight attendant ‘faggot’

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50 Cent blames Empire ratings drop on too much ‘gay stuff’

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Shocking figures reveal homophobic crimes up by one third in London

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