Project Description



A funny and romantic screwball comedy!

Gabriel (Christian Campbell – Book of Daniel & Reefer Madness: The Musical), a very cute, effervescent, blossoming Broadway musical composer, and Mark (J. P. Pitoc –Just Can’t Get Enough & Six Feet Under), a dark, hunky handsome go-go boy (looks amazing in a g-string), lock eyes at the strip bar and long to link loins, but through a series of events, they just can’t seem to be alone long enough to get it on.

What would have been a quickie turns into a evening for the two men to get to know each other. They spend the night enduring intrusions, visited by friends and separated by ex and future ex-lovers. In a cinematic gay world of cookie-cutter plots, TRICK’s seductive tale offers a fresh and exciting alternative, and one that speaks truths on love and relationships no matter what the sexual orientation. In a stellar supporting role, Tori Spelling (Beverley Hills 90210, Kiss the Bride) is quite memorable as Gabriel’s bulldozing “I’m not a lesbian” wannabe off-Broadway actress/singer best friend, Katherine. Her dive diner table-side rant is hilarious.


Source: Wolfe Video