Project Description

The Wishmakers

Welcome to West Hollywood! Where gay dreams come true.

A newly out dancer entangled in the web of cyber dating, a wannabe star unable to get to the top, and a gender non-conformist performance artist working as a celebrity assistant are all recent arrivals to exotic Southern California. They all make a wish in a fountain to find the hardest and unlikeliest of things in LA…love.

Ben, a recently out dancer, and his best friends Jason and Corey are fresh new transplants to the gay mecca of West Hollywood. They find themselves quickly adapting to their new found surroundings. Ben gets a job teaching dance, yoga, and Pilates. Jason reads scripts for an F list celebrity and Corey gets a job as the personal assistant to an aging and bitter Mary Tyler. All of them know that they should be on to bigger and better things but find themselves stuck in a rut. With love or something close around the corner each has their own awakening and enlightenment proving that wishes do come true, just not always how we imagined them to.

Enjoy the homage to the days of old school romantic comedies, this is one set of dreamers that everyone can get on board for.

THE CAST: Ari Sorrentino, Thorse, Justin Martindale, Sally Kirkland (Golden Globe Winner), Michael E. R. Walker (Eating Out: All You Can Eat), Drew Droege (Eating Out: Drama Camp), Vincent De Paul (Contadora is for Lovers) 


Source: Wolfe Video