Project Description

The Adored


When attraction blurs the line between intensity and insanity…

Maia is a struggling model. After suffering a major loss, her relationship with her husband is thrown into turmoil. She holds high hopes that a session with the prolific celebrity photographer, Francesca Allman, will rejuvenate her career and bring her out of her depression. However, Francesca suffers from severe OCD and has isolated herself in remote North West Wales in a house with an intriguing past.

During the photo-shoot, Francesca builds Maia’s confidence while having to control her own obsessive and sexual desires towards Maia. As they spend more time together, Maia becomes the object of Francesca’s obsession and things slowly spiral out of control. Maia also feels threatened by a presence in the house which Francesca is not able to comprehend. Could this be their past coming back to haunt them?


Source: Wolfe Video