Project Description

Such Good People


A contemporary screwball comedy about a young gay couple, Richard (Michael Urie, “Ugly Betty”) and Alex (Randy Harrison, “Queer As Folk”), who discover a secret room filled with cash while house-sitting for their wealthy humanitarian friends, who have unfortunately just died in a car accident while doing missionary work for the children Bhutan!

Though saddened, Richard and Alex want what everyone wants: success, money, and, of course, a fabulous house in LA! After the boys discover wads of cash that the deceased couple will now obviously no longer need, mayhem ensues as they deal with jealousy, sibling rivalry, greyhounds, labradoodles, porpoises, and other friends who want the money as well.

Such Good People is a refreshing and lighthearted throwback to the classic caper comedies of the 60s and 70s.


Source: Wolfe Video