Project Description

Change of Life

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves.” – LEO TOLSTOY

The cost of second chances may be higher than you realize…

Gary Catell is a devout and outspoken evangelical minister, who leads his congregation in the persecution of gays and lesbians.

When his gay daughter is outed and commits suicide on the air during his nationally syndicated talk show, Gary looks to God for answers and a second chance to make things right with his daughter. The next day, Gary awakens to find that time has been rewound by two weeks, his daughter is still alive, and his spirit now inhabits the body of a gay man. As Gary struggles to come to grips with this new reality, he also comes to understand that second chances and redemption come with heavy prices.

Part social allegory, part family drama, Change of Life chronicles the broken relationship between a father and daughter in a story about love, redemption, the consequences of hate, and the power of a second chance.


Source: Wolfe Video