Project Description

And Then Came Summer

Summer will never be the same. A reunion of family and friends becomes an unforgettable vacation when two teenage boys discover their secret feelings toward each other. What they don’t know is that someone may know about their secret.

With the threat of being exposed, what will they do to find peace within themselves and the strength to face family? As the story unfolds, we learn of a dark secret… a secret that will change the families forever.

Award-winning filmmaker Jeff London brings the compelling story of love, loyalty and betrayal to a surprise ending.

Stars: Jesse Petrick (Promise Land, Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel), JF Davis (Grey’s Anatomy), Rusty Burns (Bones, Retribution, Prodigy Bully), Jeremy Douglas (Men in Back), Tom Lenk (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).


Source: Wolfe Video