Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about One Love, All Equal we have some answers below. If your questions have not be addressed, visit the Contact Us page, our Twitter account, or Facebook account, or submit them via email:

What is One Love, All Equal’s mission?

We want to help in the elimination of prejudice and discrimination against the LGBT community. Prejudices are attitudes rooted in ignorance and a fear of differences. We are determined to help people, straight or gay to take up this fight against hate. Another important goal is to promote self-esteem, sexual health, and economic, social and political rights in our community.

What does One Love, All Equal do?

It is our intention to keep our viewers informed on the latest LGBT news and the issues involving the LGBT community. For travel purposes, we want to let you know which countries still consider homosexually a crime.

We also will list movies, TV shows and documentaries about the LGBT community; all to raise awareness, empower and educate.

What´s One Love, All Equal’s vision?

Our vision is to work diligently at pursing Equality for our LGBT citizens; this is an essential component of social justice.

How can I get involved in One Love, All Equal?

Do you want to join us to fight for equality? Awesome! Since we are at the preliminary stage of this project, the easiest way to get involved is to share your opinions and be an inspiration to others by telling your story. If you have some information that you think we should post on the website do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I share a story / article with One Love, All Equal?

Yes, of course, simply send your story/article to our email: One of our beta editors will review the article; we will send it back to you for your approval. Note: your story/article must have a title.

My first language is not English so my story will probably have lots of mistakes, can I still send it?

Do not worry! Write you story / article in English and our beta editor will review it.

Can I send anonymous stories/ articles?

Yes, you can, but do not forget to title your story / article.

I did not find the movies with LGBT characters that I am looking for, can I make suggestions?

Just contact us via Facebook, Twitter, fill in our Contact Us or send an email.

Can I join the team of One Love, All Equal?

Just send an email, explaining why you want to join the team, and how you can you help us improve our mission.

How can I become an official writer for One Love, All Equal?

In order to be an official writer for One Love, All Equal, you need to send articles you have written. You become an official writer once you have written and submitted at least 5 articles.

What kind of articles should I write about?

You can write about any issue related to the LGBT community. You can also voice your opinions on a LGBT movie, TV show or documentary that we posted.
We will never, under any circumstances, publish articles that are homophobic or hateful…

* If you still can’t find your answers, please send an e-mail to