One Love, All Equal (a non-profit company, with registration number 2016/452329/08) is a website created to improve the knowledge, and to raise awareness about issues within and surrounding the LGBTQA+ community. Since our launch in August 2015, we have grown into a more complex resource hub that covers a multitude of subjects, such as discrimination, hate crimes, marriage equality, LGBT news, politics, health religion, sexual orientation, international anti-LGBT laws, celebrity birthdays, art and entertainment, celebrities; music, film, and television; bullying, mental health matters and much more.
In the short period that One Love, All Equal has existed we are humbled to have garnered a substantial online presence.

Risks and Challenges

As most of the content that we generate on the site is on a volunteer basis we cannot be consistent with the timing of our posts. News happens on a regular basis and with the resources we will be able to hire writers and editors that are actively creating content, which will keep us up to date and relevant. We also want to be able to respond quickly to online trends, which allows us to gain organic traffic.
We would further like to create a campaign that can reach out to all members of the community, giving them the opportunity to post content on the site. We want and encourage people: gay, straight, in or out to let their voices be heard, on a platform that will elevate awareness. 

Currently, we aren’t charging people for subscriptions, as we believe that this model should be free to all of our readers.

Why we need revenue:

  • to pay people like our writers, editors and web developers, as we respect their time and wish to pay them for their efforts;
  • to pay for operational costs that we incur on a monthly basis;
  • to expand our website to accommodate all languages and diverse communities;
  • to increase our strong online presence via social media;
  • to develop international campaigns that advocate for the LGBTQA+ Community;
  • to help and supply aid and awareness to those who have been victims of hate crimes and bullying.



It is no secret that we need a voice for the community. Everyday people who identify with the LGBTQ community are faced with many challenges. Yes, there is a lot more acceptance now than there ever was, however, there still remains a lot more work that needs to be done to educate people about LGBT rights and civil liberties.

There should be no reason a student should be bullied at school because of his/her sexual orientation. 

Even today, some men and women are not at liberty to choose whom they marry while transgender men and women are committing suicide at alarming rates. These are not coincidences, hence, the reason we need to continue to educate the world that we are all humans, and deserve to be respected. All people should be treated equally no matter who they are.

The most important strategy to create this unity is by educating people. There is so much misinformation that is furthering the social divide, and we can solve this by providing rich content, that addresses all questions and concerns. Lastly, we want to give a voice to those people who have remained silent due to social and political pressures. 

Help us continue the light. We are all one, and all equal!

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