About Us

From its early inception as a Twitter account we have grown to include an online site which supports and gives a voice to the LGBT community.

One Love, All Equal (a non-profit company, with registration number 2016/452329/08) website was launched on August 7th 2015, and it was created to improve the knowledge, and to raise awareness about issues within and surrounding the LGBTQA+ community. Since our launch in August 2015, we have grown into a more complex resource hub that covers a multitude of subjects.

We currently cover the following subjects:  discrimination, hate crimes, marriage equality, LGBT news, politics, health religion, sexual orientation, international anti-LGBT laws, art and entertainment, celebrities; music, film, and television; bullying, mental health matters and much more. We’ve written more than 700 blog entries;


One Love, All Equal will strive to help all regardless of their size, race, religion or sex

Our inspiration

The decision to create this project was influenced by the actresses Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Lana Parrilla, and Joshua M. Ferguson (producer of a short film called Whispers of Life and short film in progress Limina). The inspiration of these three individuals are for various reasons, but come together as a group of people who truly care about the LGBT community and who we admire for their work.

Our core values

Equal Rights

Spread love instead of hate. Love is Love, and you deserve equal rights. 

Love is Love

Everybody deserves to be loved, straight, gay, bi, skinny, fat, black, white, and every colour under the rainbow. All people have the same right to love and be loved.

Raise awareness

Educate yourself and help us raise awareness around the world.

Support equality

You don´t need to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, intersex, or asexual to support equal rights for all.