Gus Kenworthy has burned Ivanka Trump, referencing her presence at the Winter Olympics and saying ‘TF is she doing there?’

The snowboarder made his feelings about Donald Trump’s daughter clear in a new Twitter post marking the ends of the Games.

‘Everyone except Ivanka’

Sharing a picture of attendees at the Closing Ceremony, he wrote: ‘So proud of all these people! Everybody here has worked so hard to make it to the Olympics and have the opportunity to walk in the closing ceremony!

He furthermore added: ‘Well… Everyone except Ivanka. Honestly, tf is she doing here??’

Gus didn’t manage to take home any medals this year. However, he and his boyfriend were responsible for one of the most memorable moments of the Olympics.

Gus and Matt Wilkas were filmed kissing on the slopes by an NBC film crew. Their image was beamed into homes in the US and around the world.

‘It normalizes it more’

Speaking about the kiss, Wilkas told TIME: ‘It’s good that it’s televised because it normalizes it more.’

He furthermore added: ‘I would imagine it would be a huge moment for a young gay kid to see an awesome athlete so open and proud of himself and not caring what anyone thinks of his sexuality.’

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