“When I contacted the Air Force Reserves, I was hopeful that all the roadblocks would be leveled and I could be processed. However, to my dismay, they were not.”

Parker A., 24, speaking with Buzzfeed News. Parker, who asked that his full name be withheld, alleged that he has been unable to enroll in the Air Force Reserve due to his gender identity, despite a ban on transgender recruits being lifted on Jan. 1.

The American University student tried to enroll on Jan. 3, but was shut down by two recruiters after he called the application number. “I was pretty appalled,” he said.

Parker has apparently been attempting to enlist for the past five years, but tried again after a federal judge ruled that Trump had to allow transgender recruits to enlist until his attempt to ban them is settled in court.

“When I called yesterday, it was my last attempt, because it’s disheartening to be refused,” Parked said.

Buzzfeed contacted the recruiting station and was told that “a person who is transgender is not eligible to enter the Air Force Reserve. That is based on our guidance.” However, this was then contradicted by an Air Force Reserve Command spokesperson, who said the recruiter was “in error,” and that they were ensuring all call centers “have the correct information.”


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