Unfortunately, LGBT celebs are not given the same opportunities in Hollywood as straight celebrities. This is according to Jared Leto. The actor is known for his different taste in picking movie roles. But the Oscar winner thinks that an openly gay actor is not given the same opportunities as straight ones get.

In an interview on GQ Style, he said that an actor’s sexuality does impact his/her chances of succeeding in Hollywood. But he does wish it were different. The Suicide Squad star also believed that LGBT celebs should be given opportunities in Hollywood the same way as they are for other minority groups.

He also added that Hollywood is still a conservative business. He is more open to exploring gender identity on movies than his contemporaries. His role in The Dallas Buyers Club was a transgender woman that made him won his 2014 Academy Award. But some trans critics were enraged by how he portrayed the role.


What Does Matt Damon think?

On the other hand, Matt Damon suggested that LGBT celebs in Hollywood would be more successful if they would stay in the closet, an opinion that has garnered lots of criticism for him.

When The Guardian asked him of what he thought about actors coming out in Hollywood, he said that he is not sure. He spoke about the stigma attached to openly gays. He gave an example of Rupert Everett, who is an openly gay male actor. He believes that Rupert suffered because of the homophobia in Hollywood.

Everrett previously stated that when he came out, it did hurt his career. Thus, he urged young LGBT actors to just stay in the closet. It was a point that Damon agreed with, to the chagrin of many. For Damon, artists coming out publicly could be hard professionally. As an actor, he believes that the less people know about you, the better it is for your career, and therefore it is best if people not know anything about your sexuality. He considers it as one of the mysteries of an actor who plays many different roles.

But Matt Damon and Jared Leto are not the only actors who think that LGBT celebs are not given the same opportunities as straight ones get.

In an article on Variety, Sir Ian McKellen stressed that Hollywood should broaden its definition of the word diversity. For him, gay actors are ignored by the industry the same as African-Americans are disregarded. He wondered whether it is a prejudice or a coincidence that there has been no openly gay man to win the Oscar.