“One of the most hurtful compared us to perverts, saying, ’Whatever next, society accepting pedophiles?’” Lee told the Daily Record. “We are shocked this kind of attitude exists in the 21st century. We’re proud of our little family and we have nothing to be ashamed of.”

After being attacked by strangers claiming the ad was “ramming” gay relationships down their throats, the Samuels-Camozzis had to make their Facebook profiles private. The comments on YouTube are just as vicious: One man wrote, “I have no problem with gays but the shit shouldn’t be celebrated. Nature teaches us it’s unnatural so does the Bible.”

Another threw in a bigoted comment about mixed-race families appearing in the spot.

“Let’s all mix our kids up [and] turn our people into Africans—destroy culture, history, heritage. Chop our dicks off, dress boys in skirts, girls in trousers… This degenerative propaganda piece is in all media advertising.. welcome to the looney left’s brainwashing machine.”

Funny, we just see a sweet commercial for frozen potatoes.

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