During Tuesday’s episode of the ITV show, Dr Michael Davidson was welcomed as a guest to argue that he’s able to ‘cure’ homosexuality with so-called conversion therapy – a practice widely discredited by the scientific community.

“For me it was certainly a sinful behaviour,” he explained. “It is something that is an abomination in the Old Testament.

“I believe people are not born gay, that they come into homosexual feelings, and it’s something in some cases that is reversible if they want to make that trajectory in their life.”

And while host Morgan is often criticised for shouting over his guests and not letting them talk, it somehow seemed justified when confronted by someone as anti-gay as Davidson…

“How can you think that nobody is born gay, and that they all get corrupted, and they can all be cured?” Morgan questioned. “Who are you to says such garbage?”

When asked by Davidson for evidence that people are born gay, he replied: “Where’s my evidence that you were born straight? Stop banging on about wacky backy science [and] prove to me that you’re straight.”

He added: “Has it crossed your mind that gay people may not want to find your path? Maybe they are quite happy being gay and don’t want to be ‘cured of this abomination’ because that is deeply offensive!

“Why don’t you put a cork in it? I’ve had enough, Dr Michael, just shut up!”


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