Doctor Who writer Gareth Roberts had something EDGY to say about transgender women’s names, casually dropping the slur “trannies” because he’s so EDGY.


Is there any actual proof of this, or did he just read about Munroe Bergdorf this weekend and decided that she, Chelsea Manning, and Paris Lees represent all transgender women? And then he forgot about Chelsea Clinton and Paris Hilton?

Oh wait, I forgot that an EDGY observation from an EDGY person doesn’t have to have any relationship with reality since its truth is proved by its EDGINESS.

He followed that tweet with another, bizarrely homophobic tweet.

It’s funny because gay boys are so stupid, what with their Grindr and their bubblegum pop and their glitter. AMIRITE?

Naturally, this caused some backlash, as his comments can be seen as deeply offensive. And some are left wondering whether his connection with Doctor Who has left others who identify as trans too uncomfortable to work on the show, or even blocked their access to it.

One could wonder if this was an example of hacking, but looking back, we can see that Roberts seems pretty proud of his content being as inflammatory as possible.

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