The reaction he received was incredible.

Xavier Colvin has spoken about the overwhelming support he’s received from his college football teammates after coming out to them during a pep talk on stage.

After speaking with his coaches Jeff Voris and Derek Day, the linebacker for Butler’s University football team was encouraged to come out to his fellow players.

Taking their advice, he took hold of a mic and explained to his teammates what it means to be a gay athlete, and of his experience growing up loving football and being a gay man.

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“Afterwards I got texts and phone calls,” Colvin told OutSports. “The freshmen who didn’t know me came and shook my hand. And they all said, ‘We’ve got your back.’

“They told me how proud they were of me. Not even a single negative reaction. It was all positive.”

Homophobia in sport is still an issue, but Colvin thinks the reaction to his coming out shows how much has changed for the better.


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“What I’ve come to learn from my 105 teammates and 15 coaches is that no one cares, and it’s not as big of a deal as it used to be,” he said.

“People care more about you as a person and your mental health. It took me a while to learn that.”

He added: “I feel like with the increased role this fall, on top of being more mature, I think this will work out well.”


This article was originally published on Gay Times Magazine. Read the original article.