Rainbow Riots, a Swedish Ugandan LGBT group, performs during a Uganda Pride celebration on Aug. 20, 2017. The event was held in secret amid fears that police would have forced organizers to cancel it. (Photo courtesy of Petter Wallenberg)

Despite the cancellation of Pride Uganda for its second consecutive year, LGBT advocates in the country remain committed to building community. They held a secret Pride celebration on Sunday at the end of what they described as a very long week.

On the day of the opening gala that was scheduled to take place on Aug. 16, advocates arrived to find the venue surrounded by police and made the difficult decision to suspend the events, despite hundreds of guests who were slated to arrive that evening.

“We are not canceling Pride because of your homophobia and disrespect for our rights, this is a decision that has been taken to protect ourselves,” said the Pride Uganda organizers’ statement released to the Kuchu Times. “Otherwise how else will we fight your oppression if you kill us or imprison us for no crime?”


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