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The LGBT+ community in Australia has faced another horrible blow after posters appeared across Melbourne this weekend suggesting there’s a connection between same-sex parents and abuse.

Featuring a small child cowering with their head between their legs, it’s powered by two adults holding rainbow straps under the title ‘Stop The Fags’.

Included alongside the posters were a list of incorrect facts, reading: ‘92% of children raised by Gay Parents are abused’; ‘72% are obese’; ‘51% have depression’. Other posters also appeared around the city of similar vile suggestions.

The posters come after some expressed a concern that opening a decision on marriage equality in the country will encourage the public airing of homophobic abuse and attitudes. Sadly, it seems this idea has some true.

However there is some great hope in Australia as a new poll has found that the majority of Australians will vote in favour of marriage equality.

Conducted by Newspoll for The Australian, a major new poll has found that 63% of Australians will be voting in favour of same-sex marriage, while 30% will be voting against, and 7% are still undecided.


This article was originally published on Gay Times Magazine. Read the original article.