CCTV caught the moment a gay man took advantage of an unconscious male on a park bench in China, by performing a sex act on him while he lay there.

The perpetrator unbuckled the victim’s belt before taking out his genitals and touching him up and giving him oral.

During the sex act, the unconscious man’s phone falls out of his pocket onto the floor, and the perpetrator picks it up and steals it after touching him up one last time.

The victim – who Instinct refer to as A’Jun – went to the police about the incident and they quickly found footage of the horrific abuse.

The authorities later tracked down the offending male, who admitted that he is gay and that he found A’Jun attractive.

He was staying in a hotel just five minutes from the scene of the crime, and revealed that he was in Liuzhou on a business trip.

Of course, the perpetrator – who is in his twenties – was arrested and is currently in custody.

In China, male rape is punishable with a prison sentence of up to five years.


Watch the video here.


This article was originally published on Gay Times Magazine. Read the original article.