The Telegraph reports:

Theresa May, who is at the G20 in Germany, released a message praising London for sending out a “proud and positive message to the world”.

The Prime Minister reiterated the UK’s pledge to encourage other countries to ensure equal rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation, and to take a stand against hate crime at home.

Mrs May said: “Around the world, cruel and discriminatory laws still exist – some of them directly based on the very laws which were repealed in this country 50 years ago.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn also released a message for pride and said everyone involved is “playing a crucial part in sending an uplifting message”.

He also added that the UK still has a “long way to go” to help LGBTQ Plus people regarding cuts to services and hate crimes.

Not everybody is celebrating her message:

Some took issue with her statement, particularly as the Tories are now heavily reliant on Northern Ireland’s DUP to push through legislation after May’s disastrous General Election result.

The DUP’s opposition to to gay marriage is well documented but instances of individual members’ attitudes towards the LGBT+ community are wirth highlighting.

The son of the party’s founder Ian Paisley Jr, has called homosexuality “immoral, offensive and obnoxious” and said he was “repulsed” by gays and lesbians.