For the first time ever Timor Leste held its first Pride parade with hundreds of people attending to show their support of LGBTI people.

The young nation-state held a Pride event in 2016, but decided to hit the streets of Dili this year to celebrate all things LGBTI.

The Hatutan Youth organization put together the Pride Week and Parade. A marching band lead the parade which ended at a concert at the Xanana Gusmao reading room.

Some of the organizations involved in Dili’s Pride Week were; UN Women, UN HR, Codiva, Asia Foundation and the US Embassy.

This year Timor Leste’s LGBTI community had even more reason to celebrate. Timor’s Prime Minister Rui Maria De Araujo became the first Southeast Asian leader to publicly support LGBTI rights.

He released a video with a statement saying acceptance of all people would help the development of the young nation.

‘This is how we can create an inclusive nation, where everyone can participate in the development process and make the most of the independence we all fought for,’ he said in the video.

‘One for all, all for one.’


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Why was I sooo happy and sooo GAY on that day? Why the hell??? hehehe 😀 😉 #lgbtpride2017 #timorleste

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Colours of #PrideTL in Dili 🏳️‍🌈

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