Whether it is helping LGBT+ people in rural areas connect with the wider community online, filling in the sex education gap that schools still won’t add to the curriculum, or helping people understand their own emotions and experiences through representation in online television programming, it has become a vital tool for us all.

So China’s decision to implement a new ban on homosexual content on the internet is irresponsible and dangerous.

The China Netcasting Services Association (CNSA) have announced their plans to censor content that “displays homosexuality,” claiming that it is an “abnormal sexual behaviour.”

It means streaming services will have to censor videos containing homosexual content, placing it in the same category of banned audiovisual programmes that include terrorism and superstition, reports What’s On Weibo.

What’s more, they’ve called upon internet service providers to hire professional censors to make sure this banned content isn’t available to internet users in the country.

“The false information in these regulations has already caused harm to the Chinese LGBT community – who are already subjected to prejudice and discrimination,” stated Chinese LGBT magazine Gay Voice.

The promotion of luxurious lifestyles, extramarital affairs and promiscuity have also been added to the list of things that should not be available on the internet.

Any online programming that is not in line with the new regulation will reportedly be deleted.

These new regulations come months after Chinese game developer, Beijing Kunlun Tech, completely bought out gay dating app Grindr.


This article was originally published on Gay Times Magazine. Read the original article.