For six season and countless convention panels Lana Parrilla has delighted audiences the world over with her exquisite portrayal of the Evil Queen/Regina Mills in ABC’s Once Upon A Time.  

It is a given that someone as talented as Parrilla would, and has, become well known and celebrated in the public sphere. Often when a celebrity is in the public eye they are considered to be a role model. Whether it is invited or not a celebrity often has the ability to influence their followers/fans. For the record Parrilla has done wonders with her platform.

Over the years Parrilla has been outspoken about a number of issues, including LGBTQ+ rights. It hasn’t been just stance however but instead a genuine commitment to the issues facing the LGBTQ+ community. From actively supporting LGBT films to participating in the NOH8 campaign to beautifully and powerfully speaking in support of equality at the 2012 Human Rights Campaign Gala Parrilla’s fervent support has always been evident. It is this ardent and discernible support that has endeared and earned Parrilla a legion of LGBTQ+ fans across the globe.

There will always be those who question why fans and supporters insist on elevating well known people and placing them on a pedestal. The answer is simple when it regards someone like Lana Parrilla. In a world than often appears to be dominated by cruelty and hate Parrilla is one example of how to live your life with love, hope and kindness in your soul and how to share that with everyone around you. It’s a message that should resonate with millions. And even if it doesn’t, if it only reaches a few it would still be meaningful. Surely, the world will be a better place if even one struggling soul can take her message to heart and incorporate it into their daily lives. This is undoubtedly reason enough to celebrate and highlight her, and anyone’s, contribution towards living compassionately and positively.

Negativity, cruelty, even hate is rampant in society. So why not elevate and emulate the people who stand against the pessimism of society? You certainly don’t have to look much further than Lana Parrilla for a positive and healthy role model worth emulating.