Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons has apologised for preaching that homosexuality was a sin during his youth.

Reynolds, the lead singer of the Las Vegas rock band, received the Hero Award from the LGBT+ youth suicide hotline The Trevor Project last week.

Dan was raised Mormon, and believed that homosexuality was a sin for much of his youth. He preached the religion’s teachings as a missionary for two years.

Recalling the experience while accepting his award, Reynolds said:

“I knocked on thousands of doors. For those two years when people asked me what the doctrine was and they said, ‘Hey I’m gay,’ I thought that it was a sin because that’s what I had been raised to teach.”

“I hold regret about that until this day. I wish I could re-knock on those doors and tell them I was wrong. I can’t do that.

Reynolds helped organise the “Love Loud” festival, which aims to unite LGBT+ communities with religious communities. Proceeds from the event will go to LGBT+ charities.

Watch Dan’s emotional speech below:

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