Editor’s note: This story contains homophobic language some readers might find offensive. The non-binary pronouns “they” and “them” have been used in the singular form to refer to individuals who do not identify as a specific gender. “LGBTI+” refers collectively to people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex or another sexual minority.


Kemal Ordek, author, activist and director of the Red Umbrella Organization Sexual Health and Human Rights at the organization’s headquarters in Ankara in April.


It was a warm summer night in July 2015 and Kemal Ordek, a sex worker at the time, was waiting at home for the next client to arrive.
Two men, posing as customers, entered Ordek’s apartment in Ankara. They beat Ordek — whose gender is non-binary– stole their phone and one raped them. At one point a third man, a relative of the other two, entered the apartment and demanded money.


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