While Ireland has elected its first openly gay Prime Minister another country could soon follow suit.

In Serbia the current Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vucic, has selected Ana Bnabic as his choice of replacement. Bnabic, a lesbian, currently serves as government minister of public administration and local government. Prime Minister Vucic has said that his decision “is in the interest of Serbia and its citizens.”

The announcement comes in the face of Serbia’s discrimination and violence towards its LGBTQ community. While it is not out rightly illegal to be gay or lesbian in Serbia same-sex marriage has been banned. Further, military service is also banned for LGBTQ Serbians.

While Bnabic’s nomination is still to be approved by the Serbian government it is line with Prime Minister Vucic’s pledge to do more for the LGBTQ population in Serbia.

(Information sourced from LGBTQ Nation)