Beijing Kunlun Tech have just completed purchase on the remaining 38.5% stake they didn’t own before…

The company – who are one of China’s largest game developers – reportedly snagged the rest of Grindr for a cool $152 million.

They’d previously paid $93 million for a 61.5% share of the gay hook-up app, who reports 3 million daily users according to Reuters.

However, it’s now been questioned how being completely acquired by a Chinese company will affect its position in the country.

Online activity in China is still heavily regulated and monitored, and users have previously complained of access problems when using the app there.

It comes after Grindr hired Max Wallis to be their poet in residence back in February, tasked with making a video poem for the platform every month.

Shortly after, the app also hired an editor-in-chief to oversee editorial content for their newly-launched blog Into.


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