The American state of Alabama has received a new law, which permits anit-LGBT discrimination in adoptions.

Governor Kay Ivey signed the bill, HB24 that has been passed by the Alabama Senate into law this week. This bill is slated to protect adoption agencies, which claim that religious beliefs are grounds for not placing children with gay couples.

Further, the sponsor of the bill, Republican Senator Bill Hightower, has said that bill would protect agencies and allow them to “continue to place children in appropriate homes.”

Nevertheless, the legislation has received criticism from Democratic Senators and the Human Rights Campaign. “It isn’t in the best interest of the child to deny them a qualified loving family simply because that family doesn’t share al the tendencies of the placing agency’s faith,” said Senator Roger Smitherman.

Representative Patricia Todd, a gay legislator in Alabama, said that those who back the legislation are not familiar with LGBT people and the issues that they face. “They make an assumption that all of us would be bad parents,” she said.

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