By now you are likely to have seen, or at least heard, about the doctor was dragged off a United Airlines flight in the United States.

Since then the man has been identified as 69-year-old Dr. David Dao. The video of Dr. Dao being dragged off the plane has gone viral and has sparked outrage on social media.

Nevertheless, the Daily Mail seems to want to add insult to injury by digging through court documents regarding Dr. Dao. It is being reported that the Daily Mail has discovered that the doctor was found guilty on six felony counts of obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit by the American state of Kentucky. It is further reported that these documents date back to twelve years ago.

Furthermore, the Daily Mail reports that it has uncovered that the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure had previously investigated Dr. Dao because he “had become sexually interested in a patient who had been referred to his practice.”

While the Daily Mail has taken it upon itself to reveal the history of Dr. Dao we noted that the doctor has not only paid his debt to society but has also successfully had his medical license reinstated. What’s more, Dr. Dao has effectively reintegrated into society with the reasonable and justifiable expectation of being treated, as any other human being would expect to be treated, with decency.

The Daily Mail’s so-called reporting of the doctor’s history is not only barren of ethical practice but devoid of all legitimate morality. To attempt to create the impression that the doctor’s history is in some way a justification for the horrid treatment and experience at the hands of United Airlines is reprehensible.

While this instance is by no means the first indication that the Daily Mail has lost site of its journalistic and moral integrity it is our sincere hope that it will be the last.