Kristen Browde is running to become the first transgender official elected as New Castle town supervisor.

Browde, if successful in her campaign, would become the first transgender to be officially elected in New York state history. Her bid is to become the next supervisor of New Castle in Westchester County. Coincidentally, it happens to be the town where the Clintons’ home Chappaqua is located.

Browde is an attorney and a former CBS news reporter and came out publicly a year ago. However, she says that the election will be about policies. “My gender isn’t going to balance the budget. My gender isn’t going to fill a pothole or get the streets plowed of snow. My gender isn’t really going to be the factor that makes people’s lives in New Castle better. But what I do in office? That will.”

Browde is running alongside Town Board candidates Ivy Pool and management consultant Gail Markels. All three women were supporters of Hillary Clinton during last year’s election. What’s more Browde campaigned for Clinton in North Carolina while Markels worked in Pennsylvania.

Browde said that she views her candidacy as part of a grassroots movement after the result of the presidential election.

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