Allison Gee has admitted to her part in the brutal death of a transgender man.

Gee, apologized to the victim, Amos Beede’s, family in court. “I’m apologizing for my part, no matter how big or small in this gruesome, unnecessary act inflicted on your loved one,” she said.

In May 2016 Gee punched the victim in the head and kicked him in the torso. The 38 year old man died in hospital days after the attack. Gee was originally accused of the murder along with four others. Nevertheless, Gee’s plea deal amends her charge from second degree murder to aggravated assault which cuts the time she will spend in prison to five years.

Despite Gee’s apology Ina McKinney, Beede’s sister, said “we’re still missing that part of our heart and our family that we’ll never have back.”

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