GhanaWeb reports:

A 28-year old man has been caught pants down having anal sex with an 18-year old Senior High School (SHS) male student in an Accra-based hotel room on Sunday.

According to one of the receptionists at the hotel (name withheld), he had attempted to offer the two room service when he caught them in the act.

He added that the suspects informed him that they were traveling to Takoradi on a business trip and needed a room to relax and shower before they could embark on the journey.

The Kaneishie police station upon arrest of the two after a call to the police station by the receptionist explained that the suspect is known for engaging in such act.

‘That is what he has been doing, he goes about luring innocent students on Facebook, they met long ago, they are gay partners,’ the police said.

The two have since been remanded at the police station, assisting police to investigate the matter.