Several groups and individuals called for the boycott of Disney’s remake of Beauty and the Beast. However, it didn’t quite go the way these people would have hoped.

In fact, despite the campaign launched by groups such as One Million Moms and the American Family Association, the film has smashed box office records across the globe.

The attempted boycott, launched by these groups, were in protest to gay character within the narrative of the new film. So frenetic was their protest that the American Family Association even went so far as to vow to make their own films “because Disney has been overrun by the gay agenda.”

Further, a former Republican congressman has joined in the attempted boycott by claiming that “demons” are behind the release of the film with the intention of making kids gay.

Nevertheless, these, and other attempted boycotts, had very little impact of influence on the film’s release. Instead, it has smashed a number of box office records by claiming the biggest domestic and international opening of all time for a PG-rated film. Just how big were Beauty and the Beast’s opening? The film, to date, has earned an estimated $170 million dollars in America and $350 million globally. This has made the film the seventh largest opening of all time.

The star of the film that portrays Belle, Emma Watson, has spoken about the threat of boycotts surrounding the film. “I think that what’s so fantastic about Josh’s [Josh Gad plays the gay character, LeFou] performance is that it’s so subtle. It’s always like, does he idolise Gaston? Is he in love with Gaston? What’s the relationship there? And I think it’s incredibly subtle, to be perfectly honest.”

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