A straight couple in the American state of California has allegedly assaulted a lesbian couple.

Haley Pryor and Amelia Kathryn Allen, who are residents of Santa Fe in California, were viciously attacked outside their car. However, Pryor states that the altercation had started earlier when they entered Kai Sushi and Diner.

“My girlfriend had to tell me she was uncomfortable,” Pryor said. “I decided to sit next to her to see if it deterred them but they were obvious in that they wanted their dislike to be known.”

When Allen asked the couple, who Pryor described as Caucasian and in their forties, to stop staring at them, the man gave them the finger.
Pryor wrote: “I stood up and asked ‘What was that for? What did we do to deserve that? What is your problem with us?’ She said the man, who she described as at least 6’6″ and 275 lbs, “denied that he did anything and called us children then threatened to ‘call our parents.’”

Allen and Pryor then left the restaurant to drive home. However, the straight couple in question also chose to leave at the same time. Pryor alleges that as they pulled up to a stop sign the straight couple got out of their vehicle and made “threatening gestures.”

Pryor said she told the couple not to touch her vehicle or her girlfriend. “The next thing I knew I was on the ground underneath the man and the woman was grappling with Katt.”

“At that point I believe is when Katt got a hold of a tire iron on the floor of my truck and began swinging at the full grown (man) that was hitting me. I got back on my feet and the man pulled my hood down, pinned me to the side of my truck and began punching me through my jacket”.

“I pulled off the hood and he grabbed my neck and choken me until I blacked out and fell to the ground. Katt must have made contact with the crowbar as I remember the man had blood running down the side of his face”.

“They definitely were aiming a lot of the anger at me because of how I look, I’m certain,” said Pryor.

Police are currently investigating a case of aggravated battery.

(Information sourced from PinkNews.co.uk)