Josh Vallum, a member of the Latin Kings, pleaded guilty to federal hate crime in the stabbing and beating death of Mercedes Williamson, a transgender teen.

Sun Herald reports:

A judge Thursday reset the sentencing of Josh Vallum, a statewide officer of the Latin Kings street gang who pleaded guilty in December to the first federal hate crime charge against the killer of a transgender person.

Vallum, 29, was set for sentencing Tuesday, but his federal public defender, John Weber, had a conflict.

Judge Louis Guirola Jr. reset the sentencing for May 15.

Vallum, 29, is facing a federal sentence of life for the May 30, 2015, beating and stabbing death of Mercedes Williamson, 17. He admitted in December he killed the girl he once dated because of her gender identity.

Two days before the murder, Vallum started hatching his plan to kill Williamson. He plotted to kill her after he learned one of his “friends” and fellow gang members had found out Williamson was a transgender girl.

Vallum said he felt like his life would be in danger if other Latin Kings found out he had engaged in a consensual sexual relationship with Williamson.

The Latin Kings prohibit homosexual activity in its bylaws. The gang members also are known to punish those who break the rules with death.

The day of the murder, Vallum said he was at a fellow gang member’s house in Theodore, Ala. He said he saw Williamson, picked her up and drove her to his family home in rural George County to commit the murder. Vallum told the Sun Herald he hit Williamson with a stun gun, stabbed her repeatedly and beat her over the head with a claw hammer until she died. He buried her under some debris on the property.

In an exclusive jailhouse interview, Vallum said he didn’t know Williamson was a transgender girl, but friends and family of the teen saw them together and said Vallum knew Williamson’s gender identity. In addition, they said, Williamson had openly discussed her fear of being killed if the Latin Kings found out about her relationship with Vallum.

Vallum already is serving a life sentence on a state charge of murder. Vallum told the Sun Herald he decided to enter a plea on that charge because he didn’t want his fellow Latin Kings to have to testify at his trial.