THE FAMILY of a trans woman pictured being beaten and shot dead have spoken of their shock — as the first pictures emerge of the tragic victim.

Dandara dos Santos, 42, was dragged out of her front door and attacked in broad daylight by cheering killers.

Francisca Ferreira, Dandara’s mom, said she continues to ask God why her child was killed


Sick thugs were filmed punching and taunting her in Fortaleza, Brazil, with one heard barking: “They will kill the f****t”.

Two adult suspects and three teens have been arrested, including the man suspected of filming the attack, while one remains on the run.

As the country normally known for its tolerance reels from the shocking murder, Dandara’s family have spoken out on what was described as a “cruel lynching”.

Mum Francisca Ferreira spoke of how she reacted when she heard the news, saying: “I was very desperate. Crying and asking God what had happened.

“I became so crazy I could not believe it if there was a fight or not.”

Sister Sonia Maria said Dandara was selfless and always helped her family.

She said: “She never said no. She could be tired, but she was always helpful.

“Wherever we asked her to go, she would. She never said no.”

Meanwhile, the first pictures have emerged of Dandara, including a snap of her when she lived as a man.

A witness who saw the attack told Globo news site: “It was several guys. One was kicking and another a rock.

“Another hit and another hit with a stick on her head.

“It was a cruel lynching”.


Dandara dos Santos was viciously attacked in broad daylight


Police identified Dandara’s alleged attackers after mobile phone footage was circulated among LGBT groups.

It is the latest in a string of anti-gay and anti-trans assaults and killings in the south American country.

According to Brazil’s Trans Network, Dandara was the fifth transexual to be murdered last month.

The government of the state of Ceará gave its “deepest condemnation” of the 15 February killing.

Dandara dos Santos pictured before transitioning to a woman


“The entire structure of the State Public Security is mobilised for the investigation of the crime and will punish those responsible”, it added.


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