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“But it was really rough because I was a gay kid and I was both popular and persecuted, so I always sort of understood both angles.

“I didn’t dare even start off writing gay characters, but I had sort of outlandish characters in there and I would get notes literally from executives saying, ‘Can this character dress less gay?’ Even if it was like a straight woman.

“Or, ‘The language coming out of this character’s mouth seems very flamboyant, which we think is too gay and will offend some of our viewers. Can you take that out?’

“Then two things happened,” he revealed. “It just sort of made me mad, so I just sort of leaned into it and, you know, I wrote a bisexual character. I started to write about lesbianism… I had gay characters. I would say, ‘No. I won’t do it. Why do you want it taken out?’”

Ryan Murphy’s latest show – Feud: Bette and Joan – will focus on the tumultuous relationship between silver screen icons Bette Davis and Joan Crawford during the filming of thriller Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

It starts in the US on FX this weekend (5 March).


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