It is difficult to grow up by any standard, particularly when you look at some of the issues that teenagers and young adults must face today. However, when you are a youth that identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, the challenges can be even greater for you. Many youths feel the need to hide their identities, fearing they will not get support from family or friends. Others must deal with the daily stress and strain placed on them by bullies at school and in their communities. All of this has led to a very high rate of suicide in the LGBT community. It is important that we do all we can to raise awareness about this problem and let people know of the options for LGBT suicide prevention that exist today.

Acceptance is Key

Acceptance of an LGBT individual is a big step towards helping prevent thoughts of suicide or attempts at suicide. Studies have shown that within families that are openly accepting of LGBT children, there is a much greater chance of living a healthier adulthood and of avoidance of issues such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse or suicide. It is not uncommon for those in LGBT community to feel a great deal of stress, anxiety, and depression because of the way that they may be stigmatized or ostracized by family, friends and the community. These feelings can turn to suicidal thoughts, but with greater awareness and acceptance there is a better chance of overcoming those thoughts.

Options are There for Help

For those that may be dealing with suicidal thoughts, there are several options available to help. Over the years there have been hotlines created that target LGBT suicide prevention. Projects such as the Trevor Project can offer assistance at any time, day or night, for youths to call the hotline and speak to a trained counselor. There are other helplines available that provide a safe atmosphere for youths to talk without fear of any judgment, so that they can express their feelings and discuss the crisis they are going through.

Learn More about Prevention

At One Love All Equal, we feel strongly about providing information and raising awareness about LGBT suicide prevention. Please check out the articles and information you can find on our website at so you may read more about the help that is available for those in the LGBT community. The information you learn can be important to you, your family or friends to make sure they get the love, support and help they need.