Bullying is an issue that society been dealing with for thousands of years. As long ast here have been people, there have always been situations where one group or individual has targeted another that they deem to be different, an outcast or outsider, and set them up for mocking or ridicule. Sadly, this is a situation that has not changed much over time, and is witnessed in nearly every walk of life. Bullying takes place in all communities, atmospheres, and societies and reaches every rung of the social and economic ladder. What is most troubling is the steady bullying that takes place towards the LGBT community. Stronger efforts need to continue to help put a stop to LGBT bullying around the world.

Most Difficult for Teens and Children

Bullying tends to be the most devastating when it is directed at teenagers and children. Teens are already at a particularly vulnerable time of life, making those years a challenge for anyone, but for the LGBT youth, these times are even more difficult. Harassment, verbal abuse, and physical violence are all experienced by many in the LGBT community at this age. Sexual orientation and gender identity are both issues that teens struggle with often, and those that identify with the LGBT community are often singled out by other teens that are outwardly hostile, have trouble dealing with anger or resentment towards those that are different and have a strong need to be seen as tough and strong.

How to Curb the Behavior

There are methods that can help to curb LGBT bullying in your school or community. It is important that you realize that all lives are important and all lives matter. The differences among people regarding looks, gender identity, and sexual orientation do not matter. Everyone deserves to be treated with the same level of respect and dignity. It is important to stand up for your rights and the rights of others not to suffer at the hands of bullies and to work to create the world where kindness and respect work to create a safe environment for all of us.

A Voice for Equality

Here at One Love All Equal, we stress the importance of trying to stamp out LGBT bullying and work to create awareness and equality for all. Our website provides information and articles that are designed to help the world come together through education, awareness, and love. You can find out more about our site and what we have to offer by visiting us at www.oneloveallequal.org.