The Supreme Court recognized that people have the right to marry their partners of their choice. It is a fundamental human right. Every person in this world has the right to be free from any discrimination to enjoy their human rights, and this would include the right to marry and start a family.

The ruling is a significant step in moving forward, not just for same-sex couples but also for all people. But the Supreme Court decision on recognizing the right to marry their partners does not guarantee that all LGBT people in the US and around the world will enjoy that right.

Despite the marriage equality recognition in various states, there is still no federal ban on the anti-LGBT discrimination. That means that any person who has a same-sex marriage could be at risk to be dismissed for marrying a partner of the same sex.


Legalization Of Same-Sex Marriage

Millions of people who are members of the LGBT community contribute to the American community. They are fundamental to the growth and evolution of the nation. The country would suffer significantly if many of their contributions are withdrawn. By legalizing same-sex marriage, the Court acknowledged the worthiness of LGBT people as American citizens who deserve equal rights and protections under the US law.

The promotion of marriage equality can help in reducing homophobia. It communicates to millions of individuals around the world that gay relationships are the same as straight relationships. It helps in reducing intergroup prejudice while it supports cultural diversity.

Marriage equality also fosters the social well-being of LGBT people. Currently, some states exclude same-sex couples from the institution of marriage. The federal government denies these couples from enjoying the more than 1000 federal rights and benefits related to marriage. This exclusion impacts these people in a variety of ways. It can cause psychological distress, conflict, and ill-health. But with marriage equality, it can eliminate relationship discrimination, thereby, promoting psychosocial and physical well-being.

If the LGBT people are given the same freedom as straight people enjoy in achieving their full potential, then they do not have to battle for basic equality. The act of discrimination can cause destructive societal behavior that can bring negative consequences to the oppressors and the oppressed. When you end discrimination in marriage laws, it can contribute to eliminating such oppressive behavior.

Allowing same-sex marriage will not harm anyone. In fact, it enhances the lives of millions of the LGBT Americans, and the rest of the community as well.