Studies have indicated that people that identify with the LGBT community may experience greater issues like anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts or actions and psychological distress because of the prejudice and pressure they feel from family and society. Many people in the community that suffer from disorders are often reluctant to seek out medical care or treatment because of fear of being stigmatized, discriminated against, ostracized or even refused proper care. This fear only makes the problems worse and can lead to other issues like alcohol or drug abuse. If you are in need of help, there are steps you can take to find a provider for proper LGBT mental health care so you can get the help you need.

Fear Prevents Treatment

Too many people are hesitant to seek the mental care that they may need because they fear they will be discriminated against by doctors, nurses, staff and health care providers. This fear does have a strong basis since many in the community face daily discrimination in all facets of life, and the healthcare community does have a history of improperly dealing with those in the LGBT community. However, there have been great strides taken in medical treatment and psychiatric care for those in the community over the last thirty years, and there are many more providers today that are aware of the delicate issues faced by the LGBT community and can treat patients without any bias.

Steps You Can Take

When you are looking for LGBT mental health care, there are ways you can find a provider that is right for you. You need to remember that it is important that you find a provider that is going to take into account your personal life and experiences and how they have affected your mental health. There are some health care centers, and providers who are specifically for LGBT individuals and directories are available online to find a list of active providers. You can also speak directly to providers you are considering to see if they are experienced in dealing with LGBT people.

Information is Important

To help make sure that proper LGBT mental health care is available to all, it is important that information, articles, and news be available to everyone. At One Love All Equal, we stress the important of inclusion, acceptance, and equality and seek to provide important information that you can use in your daily life. You can visit us at to see the articles we have posted and learn more about us and how we strive to help the LGBT community in many ways.