The American state of Alabama could turn away gay couples from adopting or fostering children.

The Alabama Senate Health Committee is attempting to advance a bill which would allow faith based adoption agencies, including those that provide care to state foster children, to deny gay couples on the basis of religious grounds.

Numerous people spoke at a public hearing where said that the bill would allow state-sanctioned discrimination against gays and lesbians. Furthermore, the bill would stop the state from refusing to issue a license or sign contracts with adoption groups who in turn refuse services to people on the basis of religious grounds.

Denise Brogan-Kator from the Family Equality Council told the committee, at the public hearing, that the bill would give groups “the state’s express permission and taxpayer dollars to discriminate against prospective families who are qualified to give these children a home.”

She went on to say that the bill ranks religious beliefs or these agencies above the needs of children. “These children need and deserve every chance to be placed into a loving home,” she added.

Several other members of the community voiced their opposition to the proposed bill.

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