Sponsored ads on Facebook have recently come under the spotlight.

LGBTQ Nation reports that an ad for a Christian religious group, Anchored North, is popping up on Facebook users and could have a tendency to offend some. The ad in question features a clip of a man who claims that he has given up being gay after embracing the Christian faith.

In the clip the man explains that while growing up he knew he was gay, and had enjoyed the company of men at parties. Nevertheless, he says that he was depressed. But, according to him, he then found Christianity and has come to believe that homosexuality is a sin and that it is wrong.

Furthermore, he has also come to believe that he is not gay despite being attracted to me since middle school and having a history of dating men.

“Homosexuality is the deal-breaker for the LGBT community when it comes to Christianity,” he says. “It’s unloving to let people spend eternity apart from God,” he continues.

As the sponsor of the ad Anchored North describes itself as “next generation evangelists, using media and evangelism to reach the lost with the gospel in a way that has never been done before.”

The ad has received numerous angry comments since its release.

(Information sourced from LGBTQNation.com)