American journalist and author Katie Couric has received glowing reviews for hosting and producing the National Geographic documentary Gender Revolution.

The documentary examines the manner by which gender identity shapes a person’s life and experiences. However, previously in 2014 Couric received criticism for her handling of the same issues during an interview with transgender stars Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox.

Neverthless, the 60 year old Yahoo! News anchor admitted to learning a lot from the criticized interviews.“I was willing to embarrass myself to help other people understand and make a point,” she said. Calling the question “insensitive” and “clumsily asked,” she believes that leaving the segment intact ultimately had a bigger impact: “It’s an extremely sensitive topic. I tried to use my lack of knowledge as a learning device.”

When asked what drew her to the Gender Revolution prject Couric answered:

“I’ve been very interested in gender roles and gender in general for a long time…For the past couple of years I noted that gender issues were given a lot of attention in the press. Everyday there would be a new article or a headline about gender….I just thought I wanna [sic] understand this evolution was happening before my eyes, or revolution.”

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