The European Parliament has said that the fact that transgender people are still considered mentally ill “is a source of significant distress for transgender persons.”

What’s more, is the fact that in thirteen European Union Member States transgender people are still required to submit to sterilization in order to have their gender recognized. Furthermore, the parliament has documented that the medicalization and pathologisation, in combination with prejudice and discrimination, could potentially result in mental health challenges for intersex and transgender people.

Therefore, the Parliament has called on the Commission and Member States to ensure that all mental health strategies address the challenges, which are consistently faced by the LGBTQ community.

Member of the LGBTI Intergroup, Beatriz Becerra MEP has said:

“One of the greatest myths surrounding mental health of trans and intersex people, is that they are ‘ill’. In this report the parliament takes a clear position, arguing that the way society deals with trans and intersex people is the problem, rather than a person’s variant sex characteristics or gender identity. This is why we are calling on Member States to stop the forced sterilisation and medicalisation of trans and intersex persons.”

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