A Canadian performer has become the first actor to have a single role submitted for award nomination in both the male and female categories at the Leo Awards.

Ameko Eks Mass Carroll. Courtesy of Leo Awards 

Ameko Eks Mass Carroll.
Courtesy of Leo Awards

Eleven-year-old Ameko Eks Mass Caroll is the lead actor in the short film title Limina (Threshold) which tells the story of a gender-fluid child who “embarks on a path of kindness” whilst growing up in a small town.

The Leo Awards announced that Carroll was eligible for nomination in both the male and female categories. The Leo Awards honours the best in British Columbia’s film and television industry.

President of the Leo Awards, Walter Daroshin, has said the response to the decision has been “surprising and overwhelming.”

“Funnily enough, we really didn’t intend to send a message and didn’t really consider this that extraordinary other than the fact that it’s outside our current rules and regulations,” said Daroshin. “But if there is a message I hope it’s inclusivity – that would be the one I’d like to promote.”

The co-director and co-producer of Limina Joshua M. Ferguson has said that the decision is an important one for trans-rights. “This is an affirming moment for trans-diversity,” said Joshua M. Ferguson, who co-directed and co-produced the film with Florian Halbedl. “And it’s an educational moment.”

(Information sourced from CTV News Vancouver)