A gay Polish couple has won the right to be married in Portugal thanks to their haters.

Jackub Kwiecinski and David Mycek’s viral video, which aims to increase visibility of gays and lesbians in anti-LGBT countries, has garnered worldwide attention. However, with the popularity of the video not all attention has been positive. Kwiecinski explains that they’ve received death threats and hateful comments.

“Our video became popular in Poland but fame came in pair with hate and threats,” Jakub said. “We received many messages like: ‘You should be sent to gas chamber,’ ‘I will cut your throat when I meet you,’ ‘Your neighbors are coming after you.’”

However, the negative comments didn’t only inspire the couple to keep going but prompted the Portuguese officials to grant them an exemption to the usual documents required to get married. After a year’s worth of effort and showing officials international press coverage from LGBTQ Nation, amongst others, the Portuguese officials granted the request.

The couple plans to marry in June on the Portuguese island of Madeira.

(Information sourced from Lgbtqnation.com)