As President Obama’s term as US president draws to a close so too the LGBT staffers in his administration must bid farewell to the White House.

The Obama administration comprised a record number of openly LGBT officials who served across the federal government. Amongst the staffers is Mira Patel who served as the senior advisor to the Administrator in the last two years. She notes that her biggest highlight was “watching from the audience as Secretary Clinton launched the Global Equality fund, the largest USG partnership on LGBT rights during her famous ‘Gay Rights are Human Rights’ speech at the UN Human Rights Council.”

Doug Wilson served as the assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs/Senior Pentagon spokesman and communications strategist. Meanwhile, Kevin Jennings held the position of Assistant Deputy Secretary for Safe & Drug Free Schools in the Department of Education.

The inclusion of these and several other members of the LGBT community is yet another testament to Obama’s impact on LGBT awareness and equality.

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